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For Sale: Inventory clearance low price for mint condition (AUS or Worldwide)

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$112,233 (AUD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Inventory clearance low price for mint condition (AUS or Worldwide)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys, I am selling most of my gear as I am going to move oversea in the future and it is very troublesome to carry all my hi-fi staff there, so I am selling them. All the gear were bought new early this year, the earliest one is the sennheiser momentum which is at the end of Feb. Most of the staff were bought at April and May as I became super addicted to hi-fi.


No shipping cost will be charged to Australian buyers. We can discuss the shipping cost for oversea buyers.


Due to the pain in the ass shipping cost for international buyers, I've decided if you buy more than 1 item from me, no shipping fee will be charged to oversea buyers.


Accept paypal payment, bank transaction will be acceptable for Australian buyers too.


I am here in Gold Coast, so any local buyers are welcome to try the gear in person too. 




Beyerdynamic Custom one pro (white colour), the stock ear pads and dt770pro velour earpads will be included 120AUD


Ultrasone edition 8 Romeo 1500AUD, no really sure if I want to sell it, so give me a quote if you are interested :0


Beyerdynamic t5p I am the second owner of these headphones (purchased from Klin in the end of April this year, 9/10 condition, with box and everything, but I don't have the receipt for this) 700 AUD



Hifiman Hm802, (December 2013 patch) payment was made on May this year, but actually received it 2 weeks ago, and so far have only used for 5 hours. with latest version of classic amp card & 3rd revision of discrete amp card & minibox amp card 700 AUD


(I am able to trade back the hm802 to Hifiman and get a brand new Hm901, but it will cost me 2000 chinese yuan so I will sale it at a higher price, but let me know if you are interested in a hm901)


Hifiman Hm901 (September 2013 patch) with standard amp card & classic amp card & latest version of discrete amp card, angel amp card, one extra battery and external individual battery charger will be included 1000 AUD (SOLD)



Sennheiser momentum Over-ear, red and black version. (SOLD)


Sennheiser amperior, blue colour, but I also bought the hd25 adidas edition's ear pad and headband cushion, so they are blue now, but the stock headband cushion and ear pad will be included. 160 AUD (SOLD)


Sennheiser HD650 (SOLD)



Sennheiser IE80 230AUD (SOLD)



Ibasso D6 190AUD (SOLD)




*Note the discrete amp cards and angel amp card are ordered directly from their maker, ksen. These amp card are very rare as there are only limited number of these cards were produced, and the original marker has not yet make any new ones.  


Let me know if you are interested or throw me any question u have or if you wanna know how the gear sounds


I'll pack all the gear into their boxes as I submit this post so I wont be using them in the mean time. I'll just stick to my t90 for the time being :)

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pmed on hd650...
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All the PMs should have been replied! Let me know if I missed out any.


Thanks for your interested guys :)

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The HD650 has been sold to another nice member here.


Due to the high interest of pictures of these items, I will take them out of the box and take some photos tonight.



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standard, iem, balanced and minibox are the amp cards of 901. What is discrete and classic?
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Originally Posted by mitzy View Post

standard, iem, balanced and minibox are the amp cards of 901. What is discrete and classic?

There are more than 4 amp cards that are from Hifiman. 


The 8397 card is the standard amp card (the one nobody likes) for the early patches hm901.


The iem, minibox, and balanced cards (the ones everybody knows) are the upgrade version which are very fun to play around the different sounds. LOL


Classic amp card is intially the standard amp card for hm802 which hifiman tried to re-produce the sound of their old flagship, hm801, from hm802 (the one that brings you memories), but for some reasons, Hifiman decided to include it in the hm901 after hm802 was introduced to the market. 


So recent purchases of the standard setup hm901 will be provided 2 amp cards, classic and 8397.


Classic amp cards actually have more than 1 version, the recent patches of hm802 will be provided a newer version classic amp card. (if I am not wrong, hifiman introduced it to the international market early this year and introduced to Chinese market a bit later, I remember the new classic amp cards are super rare in China back in the beginning of May or so)


They sounds even closer to the hm801 as warmer, more loss and more lay-back (the one that brings you more memories), which is the one of the reasons I got my hm802. The difference of looks between the old version and the new one is the new one only has chips(if I call it correctly, no really sure about what those metal thingy called) on or attached to one side while the old one has chips on both sides just like every other amp cards except the new classic card. 


Although I am not sure about whether the recent patch of hm901 will have the new classic amp card instead of the old one.


So these are the cards from hifiman, and there are also after-market amp cards.


The discrete amp card and angel amp card are probably the most popular after-market amp cards in China (correct me if i'm wrong) because they were firstly made many years ago by Ksen(an audiophile from China) and his cards are able to deliver very unique sounds that other hifiman's card cannot (discrete is my favourite one of out all the amp cards). I've heard that Fang Bian actually tried to ask Ksen to make these cards for hifiman or tell him how to make these cards but Ksen rejected it as he sees making cards to produce different sounds is just his hobbit and does not wish to get involved too much into or waste too much time on making amp cards. Giving or selling cards among his friends or audiophile crowds and share their feeling about these cards are good enough for him. He only charges the raw material costs and a extra bit of labour for these cards and sometimes he even goes to second-hand forum to buy back these cards from the people who dont want them no more. 


Right now there are 4 versions of discrete cards are made and I am not too sure about whether different patches of angel cards have any differences (i have never listened to any other angel cards apart from the one I have). But each time Ksen about to make a new version(when he designed the improvement over the last one), he puts out threads in Chinese headphone forums and people can just put down their order. Then he makes certain number of amp cards based on the number of orders he received. As I said before, he does not intend to make profit from it.


From what I heard in the Chinese headphone forum, he's pretty much decided to stop making any more amp cards which makes these cards even more rare. (right now I think you may find them from Chinese second hand market when occasionally someone decides to sell theirs) I was pretty lucky that when I was looking to buy one of these cards, he was still opened for orders for the latest version discrete card and I begged him to make me one angel card along with the discrete card. So these after-market amp cards are very limited or "exclusive" :0 outside China. That's probably why no many people know it here. 

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1st. Really sorry guys, was really busy in the past week and still am at the moment. GETTING SMASHED BY MY TAX AND ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT. So if I missed your PMs or emails, let me know again.


2nd. All photos will be ready by tomorrow night, like I said, I am busy to the extend that I've only got the total of 6 hours sleep in the past 4 days.





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Added Beyerdynamic t5p for sale! Asking for 700 AUD, comes with box and everything but except the receipt :(

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Photo of t5p has now been added

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Just so you know for the future - the plural of gear IS gear, not gears.

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Originally Posted by charliex View Post

Just so you know for the future - the plural of gear IS gear, not gears.

haha, thanks for point that out, gotta work on my English lol

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