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I fancy trying some Soundmagics just for something different and an excuse to spend some more money (but not too much). I've been using Yamaha EPH-100 for the last couple of months and, while the sound is good, I, like many others, have had fit issues. But what really surprised me was that I found the bass too much for me. While the bass was supposed to be prominent, the EPH-100 is by no means a basshead iem. And I listen to mainly electronic, indie rock, with some jazz and a little classical. 


If the EPH-100 bass is too much, would the E30 also be? I have heard that they are close to neutral but with a little bass emphasis, while the PL50 have a flat signature. I am interested in trying a BA but would also be concerned that they are too bass light. I am being fussy, I want some good quality bass but not too much?.Any ideas?


I am looking at the Soundmagics as they fit current budget requirements and the important comfort for smaller ears requirements but would be open to other suggestions!