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Yep, that's why I mentioned they may sound more enjoyable to you.


The funny thing is that, despite how good the Audeze bass is, there is a (much) more expensive model (which I will not name here, because I talk about it way too much on this site) that totally outclass them - at least according to most who have done comparisons.


In case you weren't aware, the HD 800 scales better than most other headphones. You may be surprised how different it can sound on different systems. Neutrality and accuracy can be pleasurable to listen to under certain circumstances. The TH-900 is a colored headphone, essentially making things sound more rosy than they are. Both are essential members of any serious headphone collection.

Indeed I own two entirely different headphone rigs atm,


my ESS Sabre Balanced Amp which Drives a Modded HE 4, it's ultra transparent 


then the Hifiman HM801 into Ibasso PB2 [LME 4990 OPs and dummy buffers] into a Modded W1000x, which is pretty colored xD so both sounds, colored and not are enjoyble and tecnically worth while