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Thanks for all the suggestions guys :)


Ive decided to go with the Audiofly AF180. I know they are relatively new still and not many reviews are out, but the ones on Head-Fi have been positive. Received them yesterday and from only very brief listening they are definitely the type of earphone I was after. And very comfortable.


The stock tips aren't the best and I dont use foam tips so definitely need to find some solutions.

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Looking forward to your Audiofly AF180 review!   :rolleyes:

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Originally Posted by phiely View Post

Looking forward to your Audiofly AF180 review!   :rolleyes:


I wont be doing a review unfortunately. Definitely not my forte! 

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Well I can't believe you chose the Audiofly..but good luck with them! Hope you serve you well for years?! smily_headphones1.gif
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As with most monitors unless they are CIEM you have to get a great fit trying the various tips.  We are talking tons of difference in sound when not properly fitted.  I found this to be true with the AF120s as well as the AF78s I had before them.  The comply tips provide so much better resolution to the mid-lows and lows when properly placed it was like a day to night difference.  I was ready to pitch them.  And the other factor was break in time.  After 100 hours they performed so much differently than straight out of the box.   Started discerning a difference at 30 hours and now they are perfectly broken in and sound magnificent in their category.  I still recommend at least giving the AF180s a try if you have that kind of money to spend.   Too many great reviews being given them to overlook and all giving them the nod over the IE800s.....For what it is worth....d

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ADS 1107.  Don't give up on those Comply tips just yet.  I didn't like them either till I got some good advice telling me to gently roll them to compress the foam on the sides so that they easily insert into the ear. Then once inserted it will expand to fill out the canal.....Made all the difference in the world for me and I wouldn't use anything else now...They perform as well as I could ask from a CIEM and for generic price.... for what it is worth.....d

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Originally Posted by ads1107 View Post

Hi all

Posted this in the help/recommendation section but there doesn't seem to be as much action over there....

Anyway, i need new IEMs. Thanks to my tax return, I now have approx US$550/AU$600 to spend.

Must be a universal IEM, Prefer over the ear type. Will be using them for minimum 2 hours a day, so need to be comfy (housing with similar size to um3x for example) and non-fatiguing.

Types of music will be mostly electronic (techno, minimal/house, Flume etc) and alternative. I prefer a warm signature with good impact in the lows.

So far on my list: Fischer Amps fa-4, audiofly af180, inear stagediver 3 (the smaller version, not sure these fit in this price range?)

Look forward to the recommendations.

Cheers smily_headphones1.gif

PS. Thanks to those who replied to a thread I made a number of weeks back where I had a smaller budget. I really haven't been online to post much since.

Straight down but definitely a worthy listen, Audio Technica's CKR-10
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