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Today I decided to make an interesting project consisting of a Monoprice 3.5mm jack splitter, a pair of Phillips SHE3590s and my trusty Sony MDR-7506. I was amazed at this combo. You may say to yourself, "Why would some of the best headphones you can buy and a pair of $15 Phillips earbuds sound so good?" I have no clue why but they sound awesome nonetheless. When I played Bloodlines from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, I was shocked! I also played some other tracks as well (I mostly listen to Video Game music). Parasite Queen from Metroid Prime seemed more surrounding even if the track is encoded in Pro Logic II. Rage of Sparta from God of War III sounded like I was with the orchestra. So many tracks that have improved! I would continue but I don't really want to be a night owl. :P