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For Sale: XFX 7970 DD with Arctic Accelero Xtreme

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For Sale:
XFX 7970 DD with Arctic Accelero Xtreme

Will Ship To: USA

For sale is my XFX 7970 DD with an Arctic Accelero Xtreme cooler. Accelero keeps the card nice and cool. Card is basically silent with the Accelero but is not an amazing overclocker. Selling due to change to a micro ATX system and the cooler won't fit. I have the original box for the XFX and some extra pieces for the Accelero. I'm leery about shipping this card a long distance as the cooler does not have a backplate (cooler didn't come with one, rather than I lost it or whatever) and I imagine the cooler could damage the processor fairly easily. I could remove the cooler for shipping but fyi it is a PITA to install. I would prefer a local sale in the NYC area. I work in midtown east and live in Brooklyn near Grand Army Plaza. Price is shipped to conus including insurance.

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Hey, if you are having trouble moving this. Try posting on You have it at a great price, you may be able to squeeze out a bit more for it as well. Just when you post your pictures have a paper with your username and date/time next to the video card.

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Thanks for the tip! At this point I feel like I'm giving it away so am a bit surprised I keep having to lower the price.

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Great price!!! My old 7970 at 1200 core and 1700 RAM ran as fast as one of my stock 290's. I actually ran a single 7970 with 1080p Eyefinity and even then it was solid. Only reason I didn't Crossfire was because I picked up dual 290's for $500...couldn't pass that up!


Either way, great price for a GREAT card...even if it is nearly 3 years old (which is just a testament to how awesome the 7970's are!).

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