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£90 (GBP)
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For Sale:
Tomahawk Amp

Will Ship To: UK

As per title, Tomahawk amp for sale. I bought it on these very forums a few years ago, but hasn't had a great deal of use and is in full working order.


You'll notice from the images that there's a rubber band holding the thing together - it's really not as bad as it looks. I've lost the nut from the end of one of the screws. They look like generic screws so I'm pretty sure it can be replaced easily enough, but I'm a lazy bum and haven't got around to doing it.


I appreciate that I'm hardly active on these forums, so I should add: the amp will be sent fully recorded and I won't ask you to pay by paypal gift or any of that nonsense. I'm also happy to list the item on ebay with a buy it now price for anyone who buys it so you have the option of buying it there and are covered with ebay's buyer protection, for reassurance. Bit of a convoluted way of trading, I know, but it's an option (I think paying normally through paypal (i.e. not gift), means you're covered, so that's probably enough, but I'm not 100% sure).


I'm not sure what the going price is for these so I've taken the price of the last one I can see having sold on these forums (in sterling) and taken off £20 to compensate for the missing nut. Let me know if my price is off.