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For Sale: Auric 10 ft cable for Audeze Headphones

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For Sale:
Auric 10 ft cable for Audeze Headphones

Will Ship To: US

I am selling my 10 ft "Auric" cable for Audeze headphones made by Charleston Cable Company. I wanted a longer cable for my LCD-2's and was looking for a good sounding, well made cable. This cable fit the bill perfectly, as it is well made and sounds fantastic. The cable is in like new condition and works perfectly. Cable terminates with a 1/4 Furutech connector.


Description from Charleston Cable Co website:

Auric hook up wire is a 21awg chassis wire created and used by Audience, a manufacturer of high end speakers and other electronics gear. Auric wire employs a cross linked polyethylene dialectric. Cross linked polyethylene has dialectric properties very close to Teflon without its drawbacks, specifically stiffness and weight.


$125 OBO. Shipping and Paypal fees included. Please email with any questions.

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This cable is now included with the LCD-2's I am selling in the headphones classifieds...



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