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Hi all,


I recently sold some old hi-fi on EBay and put the money toward a Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. I can shove the coaxial digital out from the PC and the optical out from my TV/satellite into it for decoding. It seems to be working OK so far but from looking at the settings in my MP3 player software, it seems to only allow me to select one bitdepth (16, 24 or 32-float) and one sample rate. I selected 24-bit 96kHz since the hi res files I have are at that resolution. The M1 DAC indicates it is receiving a 96kHz signal but the MP3 software says:


Input: 96000 Hz / 32-bit float / stereo

Output: 96000 Hz / 24-bit (!32) / stereo


Does this mean that the cheap on-board soundchip on the motherboard is downsampling before the DAC? Obviously, I don't want it to do that. I found through trial and error that I can only access the higher bit-rates and samplerates by selecting  either WASAPI Exclusive (Event or WASAPI Executive (Push). I don't know what the difference is. Regular WASAPI, DirectSound or ASIO won't go higher than 16/48.


When I play a regular MP3, then the input is 44100 Hz / 32-bit float / stereo and the out as before is 96000 Hz / 24-bit(!32) / stereo. Again, does this mean the soundchip or Windows is doing upsampling?


Any ideas much appreciated.