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Hi to all

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Hi guys, i new of that comunity, i'm come from italy and my name is Francesco but call me djelstak (not DJ elstak but djelstak Balcans pronunce)



I buy my 1st professional set

sennheiser hd598 + FiiO E12 montblanc


what do u think about that?



have a nice day

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I have an E12 - they're great amps! I've read about the HD598 - hopefully they won't get too bright with the E12.


How's the bass boost through the HD598s?

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Bass Booster sometimes is too aggressive, the internal part of the set produce too many vibration, but not with all music.


actually i use an old ipod touch 2g, tomorrow i buy a new player... what's your player?

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I have a Fiio X3 which is a great entry level player, I'm too poor for Astell&Kern! For the money its a bargain.


Did you get a player during the weekend?

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