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Help DAC/Amp choice

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I'm thinking on buy the Audioengine d1 for my SoundMagic hp 100 headphones, but I'm not sure if that is the best DAC/Amp that I can get for my money ($170). I want to know, what options you recommend in the same price range?



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This depends on what you like to hear- an amp might lend its own character to the sound and nudge the headphones towards being cooler sounding, or warmer.


The HP100s sound great but personally I wouldn't want them to be much brighter, for instance.

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Hi, thanks for your comment.


I'm thinking on buy the audioengine d1 for its DAC, because the SoundMagic hp 100 is a headphone with low impedance and right now I'm running the headphones with the sound card built in my notebook. Other option that I consider is buy the combo by schiit audio (modi and magni).


what other options do you recommend in that price range?

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Unless you need the separate pre-amp hookups for speakers, I think that there are better DAC/amps than the Audioengine D1.
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Hi, thanks for your comment.


what product or brand do you recommend?

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Definitely the Modi and Magni stack is considered by many Head-Fiers to be the very best price/performance value at ~$200.

Audioquest Dragonfly v 1.2 would be worth looking into for $150 if you need to save some money:
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