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For Sale:
Black WA7 + WA7tp + WA7p + EH gold pin tube upgrade

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I have a WA7 fireflies Tube amp / dac from Woo Audio as well as their new power supply, the WA7tp, both in black. I also have the linear power supply, which some people prefer for it's slightly less tube-y character.


Igot the new Oppo HA-1, and I can't keep both. I just want to gauge interest here to see if I could sell my current setup if I decide to make the switch!


What I have is (all in black):


  • WA7
  • WA7tp (tube power supply)
  • WA7p (linear power supply)
  • EH Gold pin ($100 WA7 tube upgrade)
  • Stock tubes for WA7 and WA7tp
  • power cord (for some reason it normally isn't included


I have the stock boxes and everything.


MSRP is actually confusing the way woo does it (i bought the tp from the early bird special), but from what I can make out, if you buy a WA7 + WA7tp now, it's $1400. The linear power supply is maybe not for sale anymore? I don't know. The Gold Pin upgrade is $100 when they're in stock (and you should upgrade, it sounds so much better).


But anyway, shoot me an offer if you have one, maybe we can work something out! I'd be interested in trades for LCD 3's, X's, and XC's!


sorry about the potato pics...


Edit: Sold!

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