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Hey everyone, I've already got a thread going about my current search for a new pair of cans but I'd like to, if possible, try before I buy. So far I'm considering the V-Moda M80's, B&W P3/P5's, Aedle VK-1's, and the Momentum OE's.


I'll also be demoing the B&O H6's here shortly (They have a showroom in my town) so those may end up being an option if I like them well enough.


Does anyone know of any headphone or audio shops within about an hour of me that might have some respectable offerings? I've already run a search on Google and maybe I didn't dig deep enough but I didn't find anything :( Best Buy Magnolia has the B&W's so I can try them there but I'd like to open myself to other options...maybe there's some member here who wouldn't mind meeting at Starbucks for a demo?