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Hello all, just this week I've stumbled on an issue with my DT990 Pros which I've only owned for ~3 months. The right driver has developed a rattling noise, it happens under very specific bass frequencies in the mid-bass area. I've disassembled the headphones and taken out the drivers, I removed a few hairs in the black inner padding but there was nothing to be found on the actual driver. I use a FiiO E07K but the noise persists no matter what source I use and whether I use an amp or not. Should I go even further and unglue the driver from its housing? This problem is very troubling :( ... 


Edit: After another go at it, I lightly blew into the driver and now it beeps twice when I plug it into a jack. I think I'm just messing it up more lol :( 


Edit: NEVER MIND! I FIXED IT IM SO SO HAPPY! I removed the actual driver from the housing and there were two hairs sticking THROUGH the extreme thin plastic bubble over it. I removed them with some tweezers and all is well. The double-beep on the right ear cup upon plugging them into a jack still happens but I couldn't care less, the sound quality is just as good as ever and I'm one happy camper. 

Here's the site I followed (A GOD SEND!):     - - - - It has a guide on hair removal from driver. How hair gets all the way in there is beyond me but I'm just thankful for the experience and ecstatic can not even come close to describing the way I felt when I gave them another test listen on a song that is a known offender for the rattle noise. 

Sorry for making the most worthless thread in the world. I seem to solve my problems almost 99% of the time after posting a thread... LOL

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