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For Sale:
Yuin PK2 with connection issues - recabling required

Will Ship To: North America

Hey all,


On for sale is a Yuin PK2, but with connection issues that needs to be addressed by someone that is handy with recabling.  The drivers still both work perfectly but currently as is, the left earpiece makes no sound; the problem is in the 1/8 inch plug area, since wriggling it a bit to one side does sometimes return sound to the left earpiece.  I'm not handy with recabling, and returning them to get it fixed is not worth it, so I'll sell it cheaply to someone here who is good with that stuff.  The entire cable needs recabling with something better anyway IMO, not because of the sound (which is awesome the way it is), but because the cable itself retains too much memory and tangles too easily.


The unit will come with the earphones, the original box and the 1/4 inch plug adapter, the inner plastic tube case, and a pair of regular foamies (not the donut ones as they've been used too much and thrown away due to hygiene issues).


I'll let it go for $35 shipped within Canada and Continental USA, just looking to get about $20 back excluding shipping.  If you are in Toronto, and can recable, then I can let it go for $20 flat and it'd be a very good deal on your end.


PM me with interests, thanks!