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For Sale:
April Music Stello DA100 DAC

Will Ship To: North America

Hey all, 


As part of my selling off of my secondary headphone rig, the good old Stello DA100, the DAC that has stayed as my main DAC for the last 4 years (outlasting new acquisitions such as Burson, PS Audio DLIII, Audio GD DAC-19, Anedio D1 along the way) will have to go.  As shown by all the DACs that it managed to outlast for the past 3 years, you can probably tell how highly I think of and fond I am of this DAC. The other DACs may have managed to better the Stello in different ways, but as a whole package none bettered the Stello in a headphone rig. It's really a highly musical DAC that is very enjoyable yet detailed enough, and solidly built as well. But since I have found a better matching DAC for my stats rig and speaker setup I'm planning for, it's finally time for it to go.


As shown in the picture the DAC is in great condition except for a minor nick on the bottom left of the faceplate, which can hardly be seen in everyday use. All inputs work flawlessly although I find that using the coax with a separate USB-SPDIF transport yields the best results with this DAC (though the USB also sound decent and is glitch free). 


I'm letting it go for $340 USD locally here in Toronto, and $360 USD shipped elsewhere within Canada and United States. I'm willing to ship it elsewhere in the world but the price will rise accordingly to the shipping quote. I believe I have the cheapest price currently for this DAC, if you find another unit in just as good condition with a lower price, let me know, and I'll match it. I don't have the original box for it but I'll ship in in a brand new box secured carefully (if you look at my feedback you'll see how anal I am about packing things safely). I'm not looking for any trades at the moment and if you are in Toronto, Canada (specifically Markham/North York area) I'd very much welcome a simple local deal.


Do PM me for inquiries. Thanks!

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