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For Sale: iBasso DX100

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For Sale:
iBasso DX100

Will Ship To: Continental USA

I'm selling my DX100. It's a great player, and I've loved it for the two years I've had it, but I'm moving soon and I need to both cut down on things to move as well as save some money to complete the move. The DX100 works great still, but the screen was slightly damaged a year ago and it has a small scratch near one of the corners. (This is visible in the photo.) I see that these players are going for around $300-$400, so I figured I'd list a little below that due to the scratch. This blemish is cosmetic, and doesn't affect the utility of the touch screen.


The DX100 comes with the original box, warranty card, coax cable, and charger.

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wow that was cheap. would have paid more for it
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