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For Sale: Grado PS500e

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Grado PS500e

Will Ship To: CONUS

Basically brand new Grado PS500e.  Comes with original packaging.  I've had these for about a week.


Price includes shipping but not PayPal fees.  Local pickup available in Orange County/Los Angeles area.


Thank you.

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Nice...good luck with the sale


did you not like them ?

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They weren't quite the upgrade I was looking for....
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I sold my PS500 to make room and budget for the PS500e.  When you say it isn't the upgrade you were looking for, were you comparing it to the original PS500?


I haven't bought the PS500e yet and so am curious about what your thoughts are if you have heard both the PS500 and the PS500e.

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It wasn't an upgrade from the PS500, it was an upgrade from the RS1i, as strange as that sounds.  I didn't find the RS1i to really have the full sound I was looking for.  

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Thanks for sharing!
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