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Suggestions for new headphones.

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I have the Dt990 Pros right now, the left speaker is not working so I am sending them in for repairs. I am just going to try some new headphones though and sell these when I get them back. Really disappointing. I had them for 3 months. Anyway, I want headphones for gaming and music. I have a E09k and E07k DAC. My budget would be under 400 dollars. So any suggestions would be great!

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No one has any ideas, I know that you looked at this thread lol.

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SoundMagic HP 100. Those are some nice cans that get consistently good reviews and can be had for $200.


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Cool ill look into those, so they would be good for gaming and music?

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Music- for sure.
Gaming- i guess. it depends on what you're comparing them to. If you're not super serious on soundstage for footsteps etc. they should be good.




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Yeah I need to be able to hear foot steps. These dt 990s were great for that. 

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Budget under 400 dollars? Check.

Wide soundstage and will hear foot-steps? Check.

Insane sound quality for music? Double check. 

HiFiMan HE-400!



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For gaming and music? I think it will need 2 different headphones. Maybe u can try B&O h6.

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I have a feenix aria headphone that was made for gaming and music. It's for sale because I just wanted to try it. I prefer it by a whole lot to the dt990 and that's not just because I have it for sale. I would be on the lookout for it when it releases.
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