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For Sale:
Schiit Lyr Amp, 3 sets of Tubes, and Accessories - SOLD!

Will Ship To: USA

After a long (and expensive) love affair with tubes, I am moving into the solid state amped realm and no longer have a need for my stalwart companion.


So for sale is my Schiit Lyr Amp.  It has been well taken care of and fed only the finest tubes.  I will include:


- three sets of quality tubes,

- a set of Herbies RX-9 tube dampers,

- a set of TubeMonger Socket Savers,

- a set of TubeMonger Triode Flippers,

- a set of generic gold pin socket extenders/savers  


The tubes include two sets of matched Philips Miniwatt SQ 7308s and a NOS set of Amperex PQ 6922 tubes with less than 20 hours on them (they were purchased from Mercedesman on eBay).  I will note that one of the PQ tubes is very microphonic but only if I'm touching the tube or plugging headphones into the Lyr.  When the music is playing (or when it isn't), I don't hear anything else from the tube.  


I also have more 6922 PQ and USN CEP 7308 tubes that I will be posting for sale soon.


I am asking SOLD! which includes insured shipping in the US.  I do request the buyer cover PayPal fees.  If you are interested or have any questions, please PM me.

Cheers and Thanks! :beerchug:

-HK sends

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