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Hi there, my name is Eran, from Israel and new here.

I do street workouts, and my biggest motivation is music during my training and would like to upgrade my equipment :)

I listen to orchestral/dubstep and hip hop mostly.

current equipment: 

iaudio u3 mp3 player

philips shq3000


I am looking for in-ear clip on headphones, and right now am thinking about the soundmagic e30 and eh11. 

most sites say that the e30's are better overall, but eh11 have more bass and are quicker (and fitness suited).

which headphones would you recommend (+- same budget)? other recommendations would be welcomed :)


I also looked to upgrade my player, but there is something that i just don't understand.

my player outputs 30mwatts a channel. why do most other (flash based and compact) only output about 13-16mwatts?

for example i got the sansa clip sport, and very disappointed with power and when turned up sound sounds very flat.

The player i was aiming for was the colorfly c3, but it only outputs 13mwatts a channel, which turned me off completely. 

Is there an mp3 player that would output decent power and would post an upgrade in sound quality for my player?


Thanks and hope that I didn't write too much, I like to thoroughly research before I buy.