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Anyone into Drum and Bass?

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Hey, any recommendations for good drum and bass artists? I like liquid and have already found a number of artists that I enjoy (Hybrid Minds, Seba, BCee, S.P.Y., Blu Mar Ten, London Elektricity, Intelligent Manners, and the like), but I'd like to get into the other subgenres. I know about a few of the big names in the other subgenres, such as Spor and Noisia (neurofunk), Paradox (drumfunk), and Pendulum (more of a mainstream sound). I would, however, like to explore these other facets of drum and bass a bit more thoroughly.

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Hey. Big DnB fan here. I'm into stuff right back to early 90s jungle, through the classic period (Photek, Source Direct etc), mid-00's (Chris.Su, Resonant Evil, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch etc), right up to the current output from guys like Paradox and Rockwell. I know Spor, Noisia and Paradox well but I had no idea they were called 'neurofunk' or 'drumfunk'; it's all DnB to me! Anyway, here's a few suggestions of newer artists: Overlook, Blocks & Escher, Rockwell, ASC, Phace, HATE, Black Sun Empire, Evol Intent, Prolix, Mistabishi, Misanthrop, Sub Focus. Have you checked out Andy C's Nightlife 6 mix? Pretty good overview of the scene.

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I think you have a good list to go on.


I suggest checking out Beatport.




You can play a lot of stuff online to get an idea of which genres you might enjoy.  I can spend hours just browsing around and listening to different artists and tracks.

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DJ Fresh: Louder [feat. Sian Evans] [Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix] is pretty awesome. Oddly enough, I'm not all that crazy about any other versions of the song. It's worth it to get it in lossless.




A shorter mix is featured in the very impressive intro video of the PS Vita futuristic racing game WipEout 2048. Ah, here we are. A convenient official link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Lt7vd7jI4


But look up all the artists featured in any of the recent WipEout games and you should be off to a good start.

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Three names worth pursuing that I can offer are Lemm, Hazuki and Sapphire.


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