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I need help

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I purchased a pair of Sades 7.1 sound effect gaming headphones a week ago and got them 3 days ago. They have been working perfectly until today when, out of nowhere, the sound changed and the right headphone started having static and played sound quieter through that speaker. I tried to re-install the drivers but that didn't work and I figured out that the static is louder in the right ear when I turn the system volume up, even though when watching videos it's quieter. Does anyone know what is wrong with my headset because this constant static is driving me nuts.


EDIT: I just noticed the right headphone has distortion, along with it being quiet when I play music.

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Test a different USB port, or a different computer. It might be possible that you're not using a USB 2.0 port, or the port doesn't have good enough power, or it's interfering with other devices. If that doesn't fix anything I'd say there's something wrong with them and you should send them back.

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