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Help to put files on Dx90

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I have bought a Dx 90 and I am trying to put my FLAC 1411 file from my Nas drive. I copy and paste them. They transfer as a file but will not play. Is the Dx90 not compatible with uncompressed lossless? I copy and paste mp3 file and it works fine?
Do I need to convert the files or is there an issue with my DX 90
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Seems to me that you need to be downloading the manual and contacting iBasso.

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The dx90 plays lossless easily. Make sure there's nothing wrong with your lossless first by playing it from a different source.
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It all plays fine on my Cyrus Xp2 streamer. I have down loaded instructions for Dx50 could not find any for the Dx90.
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Accessed Nas drive via a different computer via another computer and transferred files and they now work fine. So problem solved.
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Glad to hear that you solved it.

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