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For Sale: SPARES - Cowon j3 from UK

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For Sale:
SPARES - Cowon j3 from UK

I have my 16gb Cowon J3 for sale. This is for SPARES only.

I have just received it back from Cowon repair in the UK where they were unable to fix it because they no longer have the main circuit boards for the J3 .

Prior to this it worked perfectly until refusing to charge. I had allowed the battery to completely die and tried to charge it with no response. It was bought in 2011 and has worked flawlessly.

It was in good condition but when I received it back from the repair service there is a chip out of the corner casing. I assume this is where they tried to open it and it cracked. There is also some blemishes and marks in the rear case but that's being picky, the screen seems to be fault free( always a screen protector) with no scratches and all the buttons work and are present. There is also some red pen around the reset button!

It worked 100% before it died and I was gutted! however the DX50 replacement has eased the pain

I assume it could be used if you have a cracked screen or are missing a button or something or for any other parts.

All I'd like is a small contribution to put toward my new amp fund and you to cover the cost of shipping.
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Sold and posted.
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