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Best (Floorstanding?) Speakers for HDTV and Music (EDM) under $1000 Recommendations?

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Hi Head-Fi,


Looking to buy some speakers to use with a new HDTV and play music from from time to time. Have a receiver and subwoofer already if that impacts the decisions. Price range approximately $1000. Approximate room dimensions are as follows:


Full Room:

- Height - 10'

- Length - 15'

- Width - 25'


The speakers will NOT be centered in width of the room, but at about 10' from one side as the TV and couches are pushed to the side. The 25' includes the kitchen and living room areas. The approximate dimensions of the living area are as follows:


"Living Area":

- Height: 10'

- Length - 15'

- Width: - 18'



- The TV is roughly centered in the living room area, with the couches and TV viewing angle at about 10'.

- Speakers will be pushed back against the wall. 

- Right speaker - if a floorstanding speaker - will be in a corner, as the wall protrudes about two feet immediately to its right and goes all the way to the wall.

- The majority of music that will be played on the speakers (when not plugged in to the TV) will be EDM.


This is a lot of info so I'll stop here but am happy to provide any more details as needed. If you have any recommendations for which speakers I should get / which type (i.e. surround sound, bookshelf, floorstanding), they would be greatly appreciated.



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If the majority of the use is EDM and movies/tv, a good set of bookshelves with large drivers can work just as well *if* you have a very good sub. The advantage of towers is (a) better dynamics at higher volumes and (b) low end bass extension. A good sub negates (b), and then some bookshelf/monitors play plenty loud.

What make/model receiver do you have? What make/model subwoofer do you have? What about 3.1 or 5.1 for movie/tv watching? Or are you planning to upgrade to that later? If EDM is a priority, have you thought about 2.2, as dual subwoofers can potentially provide a smoother frequency response through a wider listening area.
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Loudness is not too much of a factor as much as sound quality - this is for an apartment and unfortunately the sound cannot be turned up too far or else the neighbors will likely complain. With respect to the sound quality for TV purposes, I find the biggest problem is that it's difficult to hear what the actors are saying so I turn the volume way up for dialogue scenes, but then when any action scene comes it sounds thunderous and I must turn the volume way down.


Currently I am using the sub / receiver from this setup:



Will this combo play well with the recommendations above? It sounds like a good pair of bookshelves may be the way to go, but perhaps upgrading the sub couldn't hurt either - or get a second one and run a 2.2?


Really appreciate the advice thus far, you guys are super helpful!!

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The little subs in HT packages like that are more midbass modules than good home audio subs. Not much low end extension, much SPL, and probably not great in SQ when it comes to distortion and transient response.

With a $1000 budget, I would go with a new 3.1 setup and then use a pair of the onkyos for the rear surrounds. The reason I suggest three new speakers for the front is that it's important for the front three speakers to timbre match for a good front soundstage with multichannel audio, such as for blu-ray or DVD playback. The way to achieve that is either (a) three of the exact same speaker or (b) the matching center for the front left/right. Plus, having a good center channel is important for dialogue.

Here is a really good 3.1 speaker package from HSU Research. Both the speakers and the sub would be a substantial upgrade over what you have. HSU Research is an Internet direct audio company that provides substantial price/performance benefits over buying more well-known speaker brands that have to build in profit for a middleman.

If you want to stick with towers and skip getting a new sub, EMP Tek is another excellent Internet direct brand. These towers and one of their center channels would make for a nice setup smily_headphones1.gif
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