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Music Player Advice

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Hi Guys,


Just wanted to see if I could get some advice on a few things.


I recently spent quite a fair bit on a new audio system for my car and its been giving me mixed feelings. It was funny when the front speakers, head unit were in the installer sat in the car with me, plugged his iPhone 5S in and played a few tracks and had my head blown off it sounded incredible! Especially at low to mid volume, you did not have to have it super loud for it to sound good it was just so sharp crisp and clear. Then they added the rear speakers, amplifier and sub and we did not get a chance to try it out again as it was past closing time they stayed back just to finish my car for me so i headed home.
3 Weeks have passed now and I have tried so many different sources of music from my own CDs I converted to FLAC files myself, to music I downloaded off iTunes, to radio, to pandora and spotify, nothing i try sounds half as good as what it did that first time when the installer used is iPhone 5S. What could of caused this? You would think adding a $800 dollar amp, $500 dollar subwoofer, and $400 dollar rear speakers to the mix would've made things sound better not worse! I've tried different music from different sources, I'm even a PRO sub for spotify so I'm getting 192kHz 24 bit audio, and my FLAC personally ripped files are the same 192kHz 24 bit tracks. I've even tried different ways of connecting my phone to the head unit. I've tried bluetooth which seems to sound the best, i've tried aux which was shocking I had to turn the volume up to max to get any volume whatsoever and it sounded so crap! Could it be my phone? The Galaxy Note 3 is suppose to be one of the best phones for audio players as its one of the very few which offers high res audio, but the installer when he used his iPhone 5S it sounded incredible! So maybe the note 3 is not so crash hot, and maybe I should look at grabbing a portable music player? I'm just stumped as to why it just doesn't sound half as good as it use too.

It just does not sound very sharp and clear anymore, its almost like everything is smooshed together so its hard to distinguish between each instrument and nothing sounds as sharp and crisp as it use to. I also quite often get extremely loud white noise in the background especially when playing at high volume, the white noise sometimes is as loud as the music making it impossible to hear what you're listening to!


If I was to go for a portable music player which would you recommend? Definitely want something which will offer FLAC decoding, high res decoding so 192 24bit and above, and if possible something with bluetooth and spotify compatibility would be a big plus. I was looking at the Sony ZX1 as it has both BT, HDA, and spotify. But its been getting pretty mixed reviews, some love the sound quality while others drag it through the mud.


Thanks guys for your time and advice!

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I'm guessing that this has little to do with your source, and probably more to do with resonance/reflections of the sounds within the interiors.


Since you felt the sound to be great with just with front speakers, I'd suggest experimenting with disconnecting the connections for the rear speakers, and sub from the amp. Alternatively though less likely, check if your amp allows you to choose output to only the front speakers.

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Thanks for the response. I havent had a chance to play around with the faders and gains on the amp and the head unit might try that today see if it helps. It just seems really strange to me that when he used his phone it sounded amazing but when I used mine through aux it sounded shocking. Why would that be? When he had his phone plugged in via aux we only had the volume around 25 and it was already too loud, but when I plugged my phone in via aux I had to turn the radio up to max which was 40 and it still was not very loud and it sounded crap. Hence why I made the assumption that it's my phone thats causing the problem. When I use BT on my phone it sounds much better, only have the volume around 25 same as his AUX, but still does not sound as good as his phone did. There's no reason why the rears should sound worse either, the front speakers and rears are exactly the same. Both are the Audison AK6.

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