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Hello everyone!


I have just entered the big wide world of high quality portable audio and recently bought myself a FiiO X3 to play my flac files on the go. However, I also have a FUJIYAMA E06 portable amplifier sitting on my desk gathering dust.


I know relatively little about this kind of thing so I really would love to hear your opinions on this. Here's my question...


Q: Which would provide better superior sound quality?

A. FiiO X3 with provided internal amplifier and headphones plugged into the headphone out.

B. FiiO X3 + E06 portable amp, possibly plugged into the line out.


Thank you ever so much if you've read this, and thank you double if you can help me out!

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Replying to my own post for the sake of anyone who may be interested.

Here's the official word from the guys at FiiO. They really have superb customer service, I didn't think they'd reply!


"Thank you for your mail and support to FiiO!

In our opinion, the final sound effect may be not good if you connect the X3 with the E06. If your headphone is easy to drive, we think you can use the headphone to connect the X3 directly. If not, maybe you can consider the headphone amplifier E12.
Here is the information about the E12: http://www.fiio.com.cn/products/index.aspx?ID=100000038732625&MenuID=105026001.
The above is just for reference. 

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us!
Have a nice day!"


Guess my E06 will be going back in the drawer!

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