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Looking for a headphone + portable amp

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My budget would be about 450 dollars for the both of them. I really don't know what to choose, this is  my first foray into somewhat hi fi headphones, well I've had the shure se 215's, they weren't really comfortable for me, but pretty fun sounding nonetheless. I'm willing to consider in ear headphones, if you have any suggestions even over ear cans, I'm not really fixated on anything, I just want to make the best out of my budget. Again, I'm really ignorant in this area. 

They just have to be an all purpose, somewhat portable, good sounding headphones, comfort and noise isolation are desired as well. I'm listening to a lot of genres from classical, jazz, rock, punk, hip hop, edm, ambient. I'm planning on having those for a long time so durability is also an issue. 
I've considered the following:



also the ATH M-50, although they seem not as portable.

as for the amps, I'm even more clueless, I see the fiio portable amps are a popular choice.

Right now I'm leaning towards the DT 1350 since I've read in a lot of review they are very detailed and versatile  and the FIIO E17 Alpen USB DAC Headphone Amplifier, I'm not sure about the DAC thing, I've read that it's important, but I'm not certain on how necessary it is,. Also I wouldn't be able to try most of them, and I'll be ordering them online since most of them are not available at my country or they are too expensive.
They should be revealing in detail, not too boring sounding but not too artifical I guess, all that talks about sparkly trebles and bottomless bass really evades my imagination): due to my lack of experience.I know that I should try them on my own, maybe I will if you can provide me with specific ones that are worth trying and if possible it may happen.

Sorry for this vague request, please inform me if you require more information.
This is my last.fm, I'm adding it just to give you more of a clue to what I'm looking for in this muddled mess. Althought it's not really conclusive since I listen to music from other sources.


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you are looking in the right direction in portables.  Just to let you know you can save money by getting portable headphones?earphones cause there is no need for an amp with them.  They are made for the sole purpose of being able to plug into any mobile device with out an amp. well most anyways.  check out these threads, good read.  then go into the portable headphone/earphone forum and do searches on ones you might like.








And Greetings


edit:  also the senn 25-1 and the dt1350 are highly regarded around here but are in the pricier range.

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What's your source?
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