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For Sale:
IC: Millett MOSFET Max w/Grub DAC

Will Ship To: CONUS

With the purchase of another amp, I'm think about maybe letting this Millett MOSFET Max with Grub DAC go. The Millett MOSFET Max hybrid is one of the more rare Millett hybrids as it doesn't come as a kit. This amp has the punch of a solid state with just enough tubiness to make headphones sing (Particularly, the Grado's). The amp was built by the forum member funch who has done an exceptional job building this amp. 


Pictures will be posted later if there is any interest. I'm looking for $300 shipped (gift or amazon payment) within CONUS






Here is a list what's in this amp


CA2 and CA7 are Silmic II's, which are said to sound as good as Blackgates without needing the break-in time.

CA 4/5 are the default Nichicon UHE's @ 2200uF

CA3/6/9 are the default Wima's

CA8 are Sprague Vitamin Q's @ .18uF

CR1 are Panasonic FC's @ 2200uF

The output resistors, RB14 are Kiwame's @ 22R

The e12 relay is socketed to make replacing it easy

The signal input wiring, what there is of it, is Jena Labs cryo'ed copper

The tube LED's are BLUE

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