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i bought the following gear and plan on having 2 setup


1- chord hugo---- coaxial ---- fiio x5 ( so I need a coaxial cable very short to 3.5 mm ) ( very short  max 10 cm )


2- chord hugo- iPod touch---- usb to micro usb--- length 25 cm ( within 50-60 usd ) not the cheap ones on ebay


3- audeze lcd 2 rev 2: want to add more warmth and tighten the bass, and hope to revue highs and mids ( price is open but not more than 150 USD ) that is that they make a difference in sq


4- shure 846 same as 3 ( up to 150 USD )


so please guys help as all I see is just those expensive cables, and I am not sure they make a big difference those that are over 150 USD so I am hesitant to pay over 150 USD for a cable unless really it makes a difference in sound quality


please provide links