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What card should I get next?

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Hi guys,

I want to upgrade my sound card on my primary system (a Linux box, by the way). I hear that the audigy cards are not that great, so what would you guys recommend? This card will be used to play lossless and OGG music files and will be most likely be hooked into a non-powered ATH-9000 headphone, or a HD595, whichever. Both will be unpowered, with no amp, however, for at least a six-month period.

I play the OCCASIONAL video game, like once a week. And that's only Quake 3 at the moment. I hear that the audiophile mAudio Delta DiO cards are good, and they have ALSA support. Is that what I should get? What other cards are there available?

Thanks guys!

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Price range?

Some reccomended cards are:
Chaintech AV-710 $25
EMu 1212M $200
and most cards from M-Audio and Terratec are reccomended, i do not know the names of all of them, but prices range from $50 to $200 approximetly.
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I am also in need of a good soundcard for my GNU/Linux workstation. I am just wondering how much I need to spend to get a decent source. I can get an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 or EWX 24/96 for < $400AU, while an RME Digi 96/8 PAD would set me back around $800. I really don't know whether or not spending the extra $$$ to get the RME would be a good idea. Especially when I could use the extra money to build a class A amp and, later, a DAC.

I need a card which has both good quality analogue and good quality digital output, as I will be using the analogue output until I get the time/money to build or buy a good external DAC.

The grand plan is to go: FLAC -> -> DAC -> Gilmore class A -> HD600

Just need to find the right soundcard to fill in that gap.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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