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For Sale: V-MODA M-100 For Sale

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For Sale:
V-MODA M-100 For Sale

Will Ship To: North America

Hi guys, up for grabs is my beloved V-MODA M-100 headphone with accessories and original packaging. The accessories are as follows: 2 pairs of shields (one pair all black and one pair has a cross on them), detachable orange cable with mic and iPod controls, share play cable, a black carbine, a black hard carry case, two pairs of ear pads (the one on the headphone is extra large and the others are the original smaller ear pads), original packaging, extra screws for the shields and a small alan key for screwing in the shields. The M-100 I'm selling is the low profile all black version byt he way.


The condition of the headphone and accessories is excellent with no dings, cracks ,scrapes etc. I dare say it looks as good as the day I first received it as you can see from the pics provided. Asking price will be SOLD plus shipping and PayPal fees. This sale is open to N. American head-fiers only please as shipping to Asia, Europe and S. America is stupidly expensive. If you have any questions or if you're interested please feel free to PM me. Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top, no bargain hunters.




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I'm from Israel, I'd like to buy the V-Moda.

You say the shipping is very expensive. Usually (ebay) it costs around 30-40$.

And anyway, since I pay the shipping, why not?

Can you please verify the shipping price if that's the only issue with international?

Other than that, if you're interested, what's "low profile"?

Also, again if you're interested, can you specify low price on the shipping package so that I can avoid taxes?



Thank you.


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Yuri, shipping from Canada by a normal person (read I'm not a company) is usually expensive an most people don't want to pay 40 bucks. If you want to discuss this with me please PM me.
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Sale is now pending on the M-100
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