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For Sale: Mint Sennheiser HD600 for sale

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For Sale:
Mint Sennheiser HD600 for sale

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought these in May 2013, burned them in for 50 hours and then barely used them.


Comes with box and instructions. Just like new.


They're in near perfect condition (see picture).

Asking 300$, will ship in continental US.

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I'll take them, and will pay for shipping to Australia on top of the $300 you want for them? 

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Lot of money for a used pair ....

New on Amazon are $320 , I just picked up a pair for that (Or course excluding shipping and taxes) ...just saying , anyway good luck ! 

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I would love a pair off amazon/similar online retailer. 


However, EVERY SINGLE ONE will not ship to this country for "reasons" or a decent price...:(


Australia is particularly annoying like that... 

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