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hey guys.. im new here

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Hi I'm ed, new to head fi and to the world of serious music listening. First of all English is not my native language and i apologize if i have wrong grammar or misused words. I am a music lover myself, I sung my very first song when l was 3 since then music became part of my daily basis and of my life. I don't consider myself as an audiophile.. Not yet.. Or maybe not, just a serious music lover. I've had my very first pair of good headphones from a company with great reputation in creating best headphones, I've had the sennheiser hd 449 i got it 2 years from now. Since I got my first pair of headphones which l consider good cause I haven't tried any headphones yet in fact it has become a way to introduce myself into the world of audiophile.. I have already started it with my HD 449.. So yeah why not continue. If you could help me guys: What are the best sounding open headphones under 300,400, or 500 I really like the sennheiser headphones in terms of comfort in fact I always wear my headphones even though I'm not using it, it feel so comfortable you can wear it all day without having any issue. I was actually to the HD 598 or maybe the HD 600 etc. And also I was thinking getting a pair of Beyerdynamic headphones. I really want the clarity, natural, great sounding headphones under my budget. I always listen to edm,classic,jazz,rock,acoustic,trance but I'm not using it for trance or edm I got separate headphones for those . l will just gonna use it inside my room that's why I need the best sounding open over ear headphones. Sound and comfort is number one priority. If you could specify the best headphone for my budgets (300,400,500) I appreciate it. Thank you in advance biggrin.gif
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It's very important to know what will be feeding and powering the cans you are seeking.  Many require or sound much better with a proper amp.


You will probably benefit by checking out the Buying Guide:


It may not solve all the mysteries or be the final answer, but it's a very good place to start.

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Agree with Jag, It really depends. Check out your whole system but not only headphones. And what style of music you would like to listen most is also important. 

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Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet! biggrin.gif
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Thanks guys.
@ FranTBW: It's alright I'm just 17 anyway still in high school, just saving enough money for my passion of headphones. Thank you for all the comments and replies
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Oh cool! I'm 17 too haha saved up enough to get myself an Audio Technica ATH-IM50s and they're great for me heh
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Check also the AKG K712 - they do very well with the genres you're interested in. Their main advantage is a massive soundstage, but overall it's a pretty good performer.

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