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Hi, i've got a Denon PMA-350 50w per channel amp.  It's pretty old now, i got it about 20 years ago, second hand at that.  It's started to develop a symptom whereby when i first turn it on the right speaker will be quieter than the left until either after around maybe 30 seconds or i turn up the volume and then down to my required level.  I opened it up and found a couple of the smaller cerafine caps had a slight bulge but not crusty or anything like that.  Am i right in suspecting that these caps may have dried out and possibly causing the symptoms i described?


Unfortunately if so i'd like to replace the whole of the caps but they are the elna cerafine and i'm wondering if it would be economical seing as also some of the pots are not working fully.  Volume pot is fine however as is the direct source button ;) it's just the bass and trebble pots that have no effect now but i can live with that.


It would need these caps if i were to replace all:


Cerafine 63v 220uf (x4)

Cerafine 100v 10uf (x4)

Cerafine 56v 4700uf (x2)


I think the caps alone would be too expensive.  Is there any alternative with same or more quality but not as expensive?