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Hi all, 

I'm looking for some closed cans for use at work and maybe on the road 

I'm listening mostly to Rock/Pop/Indie/Alternative

mostly in a very low volume


This is what I had till now:

HD650 - love it! great sound and great comfort 

DT770 Pro/250 - Lows are boomy, highs are shrilling, not comfortable at all. (sold it)

M80 - Liked the sound but it was a bit boomy, wind noise was really bad and it wasn't very comfortable (returned it)

MDR1R - Overall I like the sound, mid bass is a bit too much, gets hot really fast.

HD25 mkII - Like the sound, highs can be sometimes a bit too much. fairly comfortable. I like the fabric pads   

MS1 - Nice sound, short of bass

SE215 - really like the sound 


My source is as of now: iPod + 71A/C421 


What I'm looking is a clear and warm sound cans that will be most comfortable for long listening

Right looking at M100/NAD HP50/mad dog pro/alpha dog


Any advice will be welcomed