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For Sale: FS: SoundMAGIC HP200 (AUS)

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For Sale:
FS: SoundMAGIC HP200 (AUS)

Will Ship To: Australia

Up for sale today is a pair of SoundMagic HP200s, which are a pair of exceptional headphones. If you are looking at this, you have probably heard of them and what good value these are at their RRP. Quite a lot of people think that these are an improved HD6X0, which is quite a feat. These were originally purchased from Noisy Motel, which sells them for $350 here. This is half of the price new and they are in excellent condition. 


The only "flaw" is that there is a little bit of paint chipping on the detachable cable, which can be easily replaced. They sound absolutely terrific, but unfortunately I never get the time to listen to them because I use my HD800 most of the time. 
If you have some HD800 cables, interconnects, USB cables or power cables, I'd be interested in trading. 
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