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RCA Cables

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Is Blue Jeans Cables the best RCA cables for the price?  I have one that is RCA to 3.5 and like it but am curious if it was really the best price.  Any suggestion for RCA cables if Blue Jean is not.  The Blue Jean Cable I am looking at is 1 foot long and costs $26.50. The cable would be used between my Schiit Modi DAC and MK Little Dot 2. 

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Still looking for advice.

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I had several of these cables in my eBay watch list which were deleted by accident recently.

I have never had any experience with Blue Jeans however there are nice option on eBay.

I will give you three of them one being silver plated.

Basically I just search for "RCA to 3,.5" and then go looking through the pages..

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