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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser HD598

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser HD598

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale today is a Sennheiser HD598.  It is in great condition, no blemishes, and I'm its second owner.  No stains or funny odors, either.  A couple of screws on one end of the headband were missing for some reason, and I happen to have a couple of spares of just the right size, thus they look a little mismatched, see the photos.  The metal tab that helps the right cup click into various positions as you pull it out to fit the headphone to your head was missing as well, I replaced it with an improvised metal tab so it works as it should but is a little stiffer to move.  The right channel's cable going through the headband is in no danger of damage, the tab cannot even reach it anyway.  1/8" adapter and stock cable included.  I can include the original packaging as well if requested, but it is in fair condition.

I was curious about this great headphone and heard it, but I'd rather thin the herd a bit for now.


No trades.  That means no trades of any kind.  All trade offers will be ignored.



Feel free to ask me any questions.



  • Sennheiser HD598: $USD shipped and paypal'd within the USA.  International destinations, add $45.




Thank you for looking!  n__n

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I've just thought these headphones were the most beautiful thing from the moment I first set my eyes on them. If you're still trying to move these things out of your home, please message me and we will work something out very quickly.



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