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For Sale: WTB: Fostex TH900

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
WTB: Fostex TH900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to bite on the right offer. Must ship to US. Thanks!

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TWerk is selling my former pair a few posts above this.  It's Lawton modded with a Q French Silk cable as well and is in mint condition.  Seriously probably the best TH900 for sale with over $400 in mods. 

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Right, I was messaging him about it and he sent me your exact description of the mods vs. the stock. My only concern is that the dampening is going to accentuate the bass more than I'm comfortable with. I prefer bright phones to dark as it is. Anyway, it's not the only headphone I'm looking at right now so I'm just kind of getting a feel for the market before I jump on something. I also have a post for WTB AKG K812s. 

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