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Hi all,


I've just been chilling comparing my new Shure SRH840s to my monitors (Leak 3090 through a Quad 520f) and something really weird happened. I seemed to loose everything bellow about 1k for about 10 seconds in the headphones, then it sort of came back but nowhere near the level quality it was at before. The same thing happened to my speakers :S


I have been having a couple of noise issues with my sound card recently (it's a Saffire Pro40). I seem to be picking up power supply noise which I never had before, in the same room with all the same gear :S I didn't think that was possible with a firewire device but there you go. I haven't tried replacing the cable yet which could be the culprit!


Anyway, am I going crazy or did something weird just happen in windows? I was using foobar and playing flac.


Edit: All back to normal now! Very strange...