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I've been doing a bit of research into some headphones suitable for live sound engineering and these two kept popping up. I actually ended up with the Shure SRH840s as I couldn't demo the German Maestros, but along the way I ended up emailing them about the difference between the 8.35 and the 8.300 as there was a lot of contradictory information online. Most people were claiming that they are the same cans at different impedances, and I was confused at the £40 price difference on Amazon. They promptly replied with this:




Thank you very much for your interest in our products and your email.


Please find attached the SPL graphs from the two named headphones. As you can see the 8.35 D has a much more dominant bass response than the 8.300 D. On the 8.300 D the ratio between bass, mid and highs is more balanced which makes this headphone suitable for final mixing. As the name already says the 8.35 D is recommended for monitoring.


Apparently I cant post images yet so I'll link to the frequency graphs for now:


8.35 D

8.300 D


Anyway, I'm probably going to buy a pair of the 8.300Ds as well as my Shures as that's a pretty sweet looking frequency response for my needs (cant have too many cans right? :L3000:)