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Help with finding the right headphones thanks!

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Turn out I had to post it here so here's goes again... :)

Greetings Headphones and Audiophiles I'm currently in wanting to renew myself with 2 pairs of headphones

1- for sports light weight cheaper(lightweight small etc..) 

2- the real thing for daily life back home/flights/in nature and going deep into music.

I hear like most people many genres alll the way from Shpongle/Alt-j/J.views/Kygo all the way to clean vocals and soundtracks I appriciate the more acoustic sound and not heavy bass like "beats" so the best ear phones for me is a very clean deep profound and balance once not for DJ activity or anything close, that gives the full spectrum to ambient music all the to rock jazz and celtic music(just saying) in that price range. 

The main competetor I found so far for the the 1st choice were The Sennheiser Hd 229 and Hd 239 , I do have the 100 px II but they have a tendency of getting old and loose their full spectrum anyway I need a new one and I really enjoyed them for over a year now and their sound! :) unless you'll suggest that the px100 are  better than these two???!

both are fair priced 40-70$ and I dont mind spending 30 more on a better one.



2- This is a difficult one I want to spend around 280-350$ and in this price so many good ones are avaliable!
so any help (beside telling me to find a place to try by myself,unless you know a place around Idaho falls USA that has that!)

3 kinds of Sennheiser:  - HD8 the dj ones.   - mm 450-X ( I dont really need the bluetooth) .  -  The over-ear Momentum(full sized)

and from a different company the

- Beyerdynamic T51i  (or p)

These has to be very comfartable, for all kinds of weather(not only for home use or causes heat or sweat)
and most iportantly sounds for music of all genres (less trance R&B and such...) more acoustic accurate and deep sound especially in the mids and highs (no buss over run,or enchanced in anyway like needed for DJ sets or pure electro music)


Any thoughts for those who wish to enjoy many genres and deep and clean rich sound to enchance the magic and effect of music?

Hope that's the right place to wonder and ask. Thank you guys!!! 

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For sports and active use I'd recommend looking at in-ear headphones (IEMs). They're much more comfortable and less likely to dislodge while you're being active. If however, you're sold on headphones, give the Koss Portapro a look. Excellent sound, low price tag, and very lightweight. The Koss KSC75 will have a more neutral sound and a $5 headband mod will make them quite comfortable. 


For the nicer cans you referenced, I'd avoid headphones that are 'DJ-inspired' like the Senns. They're going to be a little more bass-heavy than you'd like. The Momentums are nice, but they have a rather warm sound that may not afford all the versatility you're after. 


Check out the Beyerdynamic DT880, the ZMF Master Model V2, or the Sennheiser HD650.

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