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HD449 vs K601

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Hi, I currently have an HD 449 and I'm interested in a K601. I'd like to know what I'm going to get with this new phone and what maybe I'm going to miss from my old pair, I also would like to know if the K601 is that much of a downgrade comprade to the Q701? I'm really afraid of missing specially the warmth from the 449 as I really got used to it. Also is an e6 enough to power them? It's not that much of a concern since I'm gonna be using them at home through a receiver, which is gonna power them fine as the impedance isn't that low. But how are the mids from them? Are they gonna really be an upgrade or more of a sidegrade? Also I'd like to know if buying an e17 is gonna give me better sound than I have from my receiver which is a Denon one. I'd also like to know how are the pads from them as my 449 has ripped the pads so I don't know for how long they're gonna last and I'd like the K601 to be their substitutes and last a lot longer, also are they really comfortable? Comfort is important as I use my phones for hours straight, Will a notebook power them fine? I don't expect them to be driven by a mp3 but what about a notebook? I'm not going to always have my big receiver at hand to use so it's important too. Thanks for the time and for the help!

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I currently have 612pro, according to some of the impressions here, 601 it is not much different from 612pro. and I dont think 601 is a downgrade from q701. both are in same league. 601 offers better value for money just like 612pro..


I dont think your notebook is sufficient to power any of the akg 601,612 or 701. I highly recommend a good amp/dac with them.  I currently use E17 with the 612pro. and works great.

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But why exactly? Will it not have enough volume or the sound will suffer? And what about the receiver? Can it power them?
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Originally Posted by LightDarkSonic View Post

But why exactly? Will it not have enough volume or the sound will suffer? And what about the receiver? Can it power them?


601,612 are hard to drive without an amp, you might able to get some listenable volume with your laptop or any portable devise but they ll sound thin, and won't sound their best without proper amping,  yes I'm sure Denon receiver can power them sufficiently. but if you need something portable, you can consider something like E17, E12

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Is the e17 that much of an upgrade compared to e10? I ask because the price difference is quite high and using from my notebook is my primary focus. Also I've heard that don't having batteries can be a plus and I don't think that's a good idea to use something portable as I will be tempted to use when moving around making it prone to falling in the ground. Here in Brazil it's quite expensive so I can't help but think in durability and affordability. Also my e6 maybe won't be the ideal amp but it can suffice I hope.
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if the E17 or E12 prices are higher in your region, then get the E10 is a great option. there won't be a huge different in terms of refinement,soundstage. (there might be better deals on ebay)  if you having issues using an external amp, then you can consider low impedance headphone.  despite the headphone impedance, it's really hard to get better results using onboard sound. you ll always notice better results using better amp/dac compared to onboard audio with a good headphone. 

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