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D50 or Fiio X5?

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Hi, I'm trying to buy my first DAP and cannot decide between the two.


From what I read so far, both are neutral sounding but DX50 is warmer and X5 is clearer/has better soundstage.


I'm trying to decide whether X5 is worth almost double the price of DX50 and I'm also worried about the durability of click wheel on X5.


FYI, my headphone's FA-003Ti.



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By D50, are you referring to the iBasso DX50?

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DX50 is $200 from amazon. The x5 is $350.
It's really up to you to decide what you want and how much you want to spend.
To me, I hated the design of the fiio x5 because sometimes it was just a pain to use especially if you have thousands of songs in your playlist. Not fun scrolling through them all to find the one you want. The buttons stick out a little so times they press while in your pocket and the song changes. For whatever reason it also didn't read my cue sheets.
I like the DX90 better because the design is just much more simple and intuitive. But not without problems of course. The USB DAC doesn't always work for some, and no mac support, but hopefully ibasso fixes that soon. And the battery life sucks compared to the fiio x5, but it is user replaceable unlike the x5. No dual micro SD slot.
Honestly, I'd be happy with either because they are both amazing sounding players for the price so my final decision came down to the design. Though I would love a dual micro sd slot, or the much longer battery life, I realized I don't need that much storage and the current battery life on the DX90 is good enough(and replaceable batteries for those who need it.)
Edit: I have the dx90 not the dx50 but everything but the sound quality should be similar. Also it's 4.3 vs 4.1 stars on amazon smily_headphones1.gif
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Sorry about that. Yeah it's DX50


DX90 looks nice too. How is its sound signature?


Also, another question: would you say AK100/120 are worth their price (near a grand)?

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One thing about the DX50 is that you have the option of installing Rockbox on it.
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I never tried Rockbox so I'm not sure but from what I read, isn't it just an EQ. So if I have DAP with EQ (like X5), I wouldn't need it?

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Rockbox is a full firmware replacement for the firmware on the DX50. Think of it as all new media player software. So it adds additional features. For example, the FiiO X series nor the DX50 do not support volume leveling via replaygain, which Rockbox does (a must for me).

On a side note, glad I read this thread or I wouldn't have realized that the DX50 is now $199. Can't believe that good low price, and I have been on the fence about ordering one (I imagine that price won't last). Just bought one at Amazon myself biggrin.gif
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