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For Sale:
FS: SennGrads Headphones ***** SOLD *****

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Beautiful Pauduk cups which have only darkened over time and the original orange-ish color has really taken on a new personality.




- True Grado headband - Leather sewn on the outside, and velour on the inside where they rest on your head.  A small layer of additional foam padding was applied at the time I sewed the headband together.


- Genuine PX 110 II (Sennheiser) drivers installed in the wooden cups.


- A small dab of Dynamat has been applied the rear of each magnet.


- A very unique metal mesh grill which features a tighter weave as apposed to the standard letter basket mesh that is more readily available.


- A very soft 6' headphone cable.  Canare cable, a soft jacket covering the lower section of the cable (below the yoke).  Paracord sleeving covers the area between the cups and the wooden cups.


- One pair of Sennheiser Quarter modded 414 ear pads - dyed black.


- One new (sealed) pair of Ear Zonk L-Cush Pads.


* Price: $sold.  This includes USPS Priority Mail shipping within the United States.  I will absorb the PayPal fees.

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