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For Sale:
Hybrid Series HPC Cable for Sennheiser HD-650, 1,25m Length - XLR Termination

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a Forza Audio Works Hyprid Series HPC cable for Sennheiser HD-650 terminated with a XLR connector


Its in new condition


Link to manufacturer


Forza AudioWorks’ entry level hybrid cable – best quality materials (7N UPOCC copper/silver, carbon fiber, ViaBlue plugs) in affordable package. If you are new to hybrid cables and looking for a cable underlining the best qualities of your headphones combined with excellent portability factor look no further, Hybrid Series HPC is for you.
Hybrid Series HPC headphone cable is:
- Highest purity, 4 strands of 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper + UPOCC silver in semi-Litz geometry and PE insulation (no more green copper oxide on your wire!). Blend of the best materials available for superior sound experience and ergonomics.
- Pleasant to use thanks to custom formulated PE insulation, 56 individual strands in 7 groups and semi-Litz geometry. With addition of 4x1 braid it is the most flexible Forza AudioWorks hybrid headphone cable.
- 4x1 braid for EMI reduction without the need of bulky metal screening braid.
- Eye-catching transparent, braided cable design, finished with carbon fiber splitter with Hybrid Series logo. How cool is that?

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