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For Sale or Trade: AKG K1000 (serial 04998)

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For Sale or Trade:
AKG K1000 (serial 04998)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Shopping rage is over and my mind made up. Time to put the first of a few recent additions back in rotation. I prefer to sell but at the same time easily talked into trading for especially a Sennheiser HD800 and to a lesser extend a Yulong DA8. Would it come to a cash deal (offers per PM) the Paypal fee is on you or just use the 'gift' option. Banktransfer within the EU is mostly free of charge so that works for me too. I will ship in and outside of Europe.


The K1000 is still in really good condition. Only at close inspection you'll see a few minor signs of wear and because of that I'd rate it at a conservative 8/10. Original box and pigtail to connect to your speaker amp are included.



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