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The ATH M50's of IEM's???

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Hey guys! well in the past few months ive learned a TON about headphones and which ones i really like and really conform to my personal tastes 4 months ago the best headphone that i had tried were the Soul by ludicrious Sl150.. Wow ive come a long way in a short amount of time.. From M50-->Pro700mk2---> Beyers Dt990---> He400--->Pro700mk2's again--->Ultrasone pro 900----> to eventually the he 400 again or he400i... I LOVE my headphones and use them almost every where i go.. but the key word is ALMOST.. Every now and again, taking a full size headphone with me is simply not possible.. AKA the gym.. and Also i live in the country and have to spend 7-10 hours of mowing PER WEEK.. I love the he 400's but sorry im not bringing those and my ACER to mow the front yard.. And ive been resorting back to the STUPID apple earbuds with a pair of Earmuffs over them.. UN-ACCEPTABLE... haha anyway so ive decided to dive into the world of IEM's.. So heres what im looking for Noise Isolation, Decent Comfort (3 hours +), Engaging sound signature (The V type is growing on me man), Durability, and of course budget friendly (im looking at like 100 bucks here) BASICALLY im looking for the ATH m50's of IEM's, good all-around moderately priced Phones... Possibly Shure 215's?

Thanks in advance guys :) 

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Maybe the RHA MA-750?

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I'm a bit of a V-shaper and I love my HE400 too..


The SE215 sounds like a good choice but you might even go down one to their SE112, I have this for my motorbike commute and the isolation is fantastic, with a nice sound signature which suits me.


The cable is the same as all their range, but not removeable on the 112.

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Hm.. looks like we have the same tastes when.. Ok i will check those out! thanks for the recommendation! 

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Theres also the yamaha eph100
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how is the noise isolation on those?

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Originally Posted by zanderwebb View Post

how is the noise isolation on those?

They have triple flange ear tips which have very good isolation but it may be a little uncomfortable

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